A New Look

Palm Sunday- a Sunday that is usually spent stressing about our hair and our clothes, how the kids look and what the hubby picked out to wear....

Then there are the weekend preparations for the BIG Easter celebration! The egg hunts, the Easter baskets, the sunrise services, all the food, the family get togethers and all the meals......

BUT- today, most Individuals found themselves at “rest”, as our lives have been totally changed by the #stayHome movement.

Our schedules have been wiped clean, our social distractions have been minimized- and now here we are, as our individual family units, spending this special Easter holiday, at home- together. 🥰

It’s not a coincidence friends. The Good Lord is not lost in the details of when this “pandemic” has swept the nation...... He is giving us the privilege of being immersed with our immediate families, doing life together- all during this super blessed time of year. 🙏🏼🙌🏼

We don’t have to be distracted by the clothing, the frills, the hype, the Easter bunny, the gatherings or the food.

We get to stay home and make the most with what we have, while really digging in to the true meaning of this season.....


It’s here for you to fully accept that things are not the same this year- and even though we may “miss the traditions”, it’s okay!!! It’s okay for change, because; change brings growth. 🌷

We have an opportunity to lean into the possibilities of what blessings this Easter season can be for our family.

We get to soak up the “pause” and take ahold of the promise that God has a plan for each of us, with eternal life available for all.

And if you have been putting off the tugs on your heart to have more peace or find yourself anxious during this time- go and dust off that old bible on the book shelf and open it up to Psalms. See what truths speak to your heart today. ❤️

All in all- I challenge you to use this time, not to be frustrated for “what always has been”, but instead be open to “what can be NOW”.....

Take the opportunity to lead your family in a NEW direction, a new BEGINING and maybe even a new tradition!

Even though this month brings so many challenges and unknowns- Look for the blessings and look to the God above who offers peace and ever lasting LIFE.

It’s okay that the church building is empty on Easter.... so is the Tomb.

Be blessed.


Natosha Mae

Ps- if you have questions or need help with you faith walk, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be honored to walk with you and share my love for the Lord with you. ❤️

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