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I see you Mama....

I see you mama.... you were up multiple times with the kids last night, the morning was complete chaos and when you were running out the door- the kids couldn’t find their shoes, you realized that homework didn’t get done, papers didn’t get signed, and their hair didn’t get brushed out.

I see you doing your best to stay ahead of the dishes, plan the meals, do the shopping, keep the doctor appointments, get the little humans to extra activities, plan the birthday parties and vacations..... but what about you?

And then- I see you in the down times during the day. Your body aches, your head hurts, you can’t remember the last time you had some time off and although you love your life- you just need a moment to “check out”.... so you click on your social media app and spend the next countless minutes/hours, scrolling through other peoples highlight reals.

Im not gonna preach to you about needing to taking a break..... because I get it! Sometimes we mama’s need an escape and a full wine glass on the counter at 9 am, probably isn’t the best solution.

I am going to encourage you to take these tiny moments in ANY chaotic day, and use them to rest and be still.

Trust me- it’s taken YEARS of work for me to understand that if my “life cup”

is empty.... I can’t give my kids or my family the good parts of me, I can only give them what’s left over.

So today- instead of grabbing your phone to mindlessly scrolling social

Media- leave it off and turn your attention to your kids, sit and BE STILL, or close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths while you focus on your happiness.

You do have time to readjust your sails within your busy day.... and you can find a way to recharge- it just takes practice.

We just need to stop making excuses and take off the nasty “busy badge”. It’s not something to be proud of as It’s not serving you or your family. Being “busy” is a choice- not a life sentence!

Instead, focus on productivity, simplicity and LESS. And when you do- you will find yourself, soaking up similar moments- like the one I shared of me with my daughter on the couch. I choose to put my phone down, be present and soak up the precious time I had ready and waiting for me.

The social media and dishes will wait, but time spent; Well, you get to choose if it’s time WELL spent doing activities that will fill you, or time WASTED away- choosing activities that will drain you.

~ Choose wisely and Be Blessed ~

XoXo- Natosha Mae

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