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Well gracious~ I can’t believe that 6 months on the road has already come and gone!! Wowza…. What an adventure is has been!!! I mean- it still seems so surreal!! I have to pinch myself when I think back about driving ALL THE WAY TO ALASKA… and BACK!!!

I had ALWAYS DREAMED of doing that… heck- We named our daughter after the mountain, had a picture of the mountain hanging in her bedroom throughout her childhood years- and always told her that she would see it… and by golly- she did!!

Anyhoo- before I get to rambling on about other memories and surreal moments- lets talk about the top 3 most asked questions we have had while traveling!

Question #1- How do you fit all the kids in the pickup?

Easy peasy… we just pack ‘em in; sardine style! Ha!!

I’m only kidding- we drive a pretty BIG truck… so it is nice and spacious inside. AND- the kids are still kinda smallish/medium size. (Our boy is hitting a growth spurt…. So the “medium” size is quickly turning into “TALL”…) anyway- we had a 4th seatbelt installed in the back seat, so 4 kids can safely ride in the back seat and one kids rides with us in the front seat. As we look ahead, we are looking at different options that will allow us to travel with more space… I have no idea what our end solution will be, but stay tuned and you are sure to find out as well!

Question # 2- How do you manage the girls’ health care while on the road?

We pray. A LOT…. And we covet the prayers of others. We also have TONS of medical Equiptment on board (It would be comparable to a rolling ICU), and we keep the girls on supplements that help increase their immune systems. Other than that~ we book up all the speciality medical appointments when before we leave for the trip and when we return home. Since the girls get to receive their specialized spinal injections every 4 months- we only have a 4 month window without the care of their primary list of doctors. If they are to get sick while on the road (like Denalli did when we were in the middle of the Yukon… ) then we pray a whole lot more and use the nearest hospital facilities.

Question #3~ How do all 7 of you, fit and live in 350 square foot?

Simplicity is key! I have learned to slim down in all areas of life. I think creating a “capsule wardrobe” for the kids, Casey and I was the most crucial part of not loosing our marbles when it came to everyday life. (I talk about it on our YouTube Channel here: ) Other than that- we try our best to manage everything that comes into the trailer. We limit the gifts to the kids and pour more focus out on the experiences, I have become the “command hook queen” and you really can be so much happier with LESS STUFF in your life!

Well- If I didn’t get your question answered, be sure to drop a note and ask us anything!! I always love hearing from you!!

Until next time~ Be blessed!

XoXo~ Natosha Mae

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