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~ Today is the day... we are off to our GREAT ADVENTURE~

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

I can hardly contain my excitement!! We have leaped off the cliff of "sanity" and have decided to embark on a road trip across America with our 5 young #children..... It is going to be INCREDIBLE!! Just a few short years ago (okay, okay- so it was almost 10 years ago... don't make me start crying now) we heard the "Terminal diagnosis" of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (#SMA type 2). It was then that we were told to "enjoy what we have", because our Childs life would most likely be shortened. It was a "reality check" and a really tough season to walk through. But as the years went by- we learned how to best take care of our precious child and we did everything we could to create a life of unlimited freedom for her- even if she lived it from a wheelchair. Amongst the years passing by- we also added a few more kids to our crew... 4 to be exact, and our last baby also received the same "terminal diagnosis" that we had heard 4 years previous. Again- it was heart wrenching to hear and took some time to accept. But time heals and along the way, you learn how to see the brighter days along with it. We got the girls involved in trials and studies across #America, and mastered the techniques it takes to keep sickness at bay. We moved across the country to provide a better quality of life for them, and bring their doctoring care closer to home. But after 3 years- we decided the location was not for us, and moved back to our home territory. After spending a season back in the cold, and several hours away from health care- we decided to look at the map again and see where our life quality would be best as a family. While looking at the map- we couldn't really decide! But over the past couple years- We have always talked about traveling across America as a family- but never knew when the best time would be to embark on the adventure... And that brings to me today.... THE TIME IS NOW!! We started a #business a couple months ago that is growing into our full time income (and the answer is YES- we can tell you more about it, just ask!). It will be our #sustainability while we are on the road- and we will be able to work from the road or wherever we are. The kids will enjoy a year of "road school", and their teacher will be daddy, while mommie will be the administrator. We plan to "pre-launch" our travels in June, when we hit the road and head to #Wyoming, then all the way over to #Kentucky and down into #Georgia. When we get back to SD in July, we will begin the packing and finish up the planning for the main road trip that will kick off in August when we point our rig toward #Alaska, to see Mt. Denali (the namesake of our oldest Daughter). All I know is the #adventures have just begun and I truly hope you join us for the journey! We have so much goodness that is being tied together behind the scenes..... This will not only be a road trip to show the world that ANYTHING is possible, but we will also unite communities and make our world a better place while traveling down the road. I can't wait to share how we will make this all come together.

Thanks for being a part of our #journey! Remember- You can't choose the hand you are dealt, but you can choose how you play the game.

XO~ Natosha Mae #Travel #Family #RoadTrip #FamilyTravel

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