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Push Yourself to Start...

Stand up and move. Stretch. Reach for your toes then rise up and reach as far as you can for the sky. Give yourself a hug. Stretch your arms, roll your shoulders. Roll your head to the left then right. Breathe in, then breathe out.

Start your day before the rest of the world. Wake up at 7am, then 6:30am, then 6am. Keep giving yourself extra quiet time in the morning, until you have time to enjoy a warm beverage, while watching the sun wake the earth.

Step outside. Feel the sunshine on your face. Take a walk down the street, Take a walk around the block- then pick up the pace; start with a jog and let your lungs flood with fresh air.

Organize your living space. Remove all the extra papers, dust the pictures on the walls, de-clutter your counters, add a splash of fragrance to the room. Then stand in the middle of your space, while soaking up the calm.

Move your body. Squat down, then do it 3 times, and then 7 and then 15. Feel your muscles support you. Breathe. Focus on the words- “I am Strong, I am enough, I am loved”.

Push yourself to to bed earlier. Set on alarm on your phone, to “shut off phone”. Write out the “to do” list for tomorrow. Leave your phone out side your bedroom. Start by being in bed at 10:30pm, then 10pm, then 9:30pm. The next day will start fresh and you will be focused.

Drink lots of water. Fill up a water bottle and drink it. Then try filling it twice, three times. Hydrate your body.

Write it down. Find a journal or a book that you love, with a pen that makes you happy. Write down your dreams, thoughts, hurts, to do’s, appointments, foods, coffee dates, messages to return. Empty your thoughts onto the paper.

Make your bed with fresh linens. Wash all your sheets, hang them out to dry and soak up the sunshine. Add a splash of lavender to calm your thoughts in the evening.

Stand in the sunshine and ground yourself. Take Deep breaths and then let them go with all the stress and tension you are holding onto. Let it all go.

Soak in the tub. Play the calm music, add the luxurious bath salts, light candles and slip in. Relax your body. Relax your mind.

Raise your eyebrows. Stretch your face. Lighten your mood. Smile at strangers and watch them smile back. Think grateful thoughts. Think about memories that make your heart happy. Watch children play at the park. Careless and free. Take note and learn from the children.

Start a flower pot. Dig in and get dirty. Plant the seeds, tend to the seedling- then watch your efforts grow into beautiful things.

Eat Healthy. Prepare your meals. Start by making a salad, then the side dish, then the main dish. Add fresh foods to your diet, real butter, fresh seasonings; then sit and enjoy the nourishment you created.

Be Still. Clear your thoughts. Let the sun shine on your face. Push out the distractions from your mind. Listen to your breathing. Get comfortable with sitting quiet and doing nothing else.

Reach out too long lost friends. Return a text message with a phone call. Make the connection. Push yourself to be uncomfortable. Laugh, joke and be reminded of the fun times you had.

Push yourself to dream. Think about what motivates you. What are your interests? Where do you want to live? Who do you want to be? Go to the library and check out a book. Read it. Develop a new skill and create something beautiful.

Fall in love with you. Be the person that you would fall in love with. Don’t hold back your shine. Be kind to others. Hold the door for strangers.

At the coffee shop- Pay for the car behind you. Tip the waiter that is having a rough day. Don’t judge others today, or tomorrow, or next month.

Give out compliments like they were free balloons. Give an honest, firm handshake. Don’t look down. Ask lots of questions. Make your acquaintances become your friend, then your family. Watch the sun setting on the horizon. Listen close to a Childs laugh.

Spread kindness and love everywhere you go.

Dream about your life, if failure wasn’t an option.

Take the steps…

Push yourself to create a life you love….


#NatoshaMae #PushYourself #LifeYouLove

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