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What Happened....

What happened to that little girl, that once ran around with her hair flying in the wind, care feee as the morning sun; The one that took on each day with a smilie, was brave beyond reason and dreamed the dreams that wouldn't let her feet touch the ground....

What happened in the dark days of childhood, when someone selfishly took more than they were ever allowed? Where did she go when the thoughtless actions, words and violence calloused her tender heart and shushed her vibrant soul? What happened to that girl we once knew?

Where is she hiding at today? Is she still bound to the chains and shackles of shame, depravity, and suffering? Is she stuck in the darkness, just hoping to make it through another dark day?

I know she is out there and I want her to clearly hear and understand something today:.

There is more to her story.

There is more to the pain and suffering she has endured. There may not be an explanation now- but in time, there will be.

There is hope for her future. Truly. Hope lies all around- but in order to see it clearly, she may need someone to walk beside her and show her the way.

How do I know this?

Because I was once that girl. The one that a family member took advantage of, the one that got pushed aside, the one that was always in the background, keeping things running- doing my best to survive and make it through another dark day.

And throughout my healing journey- I have learned that the little girl I once was- is worth fighting for today. I have taken the abuse, bruises and neglect that the world handed me- and through self reflection, therapy, and LOTS of work; I am in the process of creating beauty from the ashes.

Who is she now?

She is that little girl in each one of us- begging for you and I to be brave, tougher than the rest and let the fire that burns within us, take us to the stars- where we once dreamed we would be.

Dear one- fight to overcome the darkness. That little girl we all know- is worth more than all the riches in the world, because she is loved and cherished by the Most High. There is someone who is willing to fight for her- even if that someone is the bright faced little girl inside her.

The world needs to hear her story.

She was born to shine.

She was born to be free...


XOXO~ Natosha Mae

#NatoshaMae #ThisLifeUnlimited #LiveBeyondYourCircumstances #GetGritty #BeFree

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